Art Series: Wassily Kandinsky--Pioneer in Abstract Art




Art has long been a means for humankind to communicate and express themselves, and countless artists have left a vivid mark on this world.  One such artist was Wassily Kandinsky. Born in Moscow, Kandinsky was a Russian painter and art theorist credited as one of the pioneers of abstract art in the Western world.  His artistic journey, theories, and impact on art have been immense and are worth exploring.

Wassily Kandinsky by Adolf Elnain, c. 1925
December 16th, 1866- December 13th, 1944


Kandinsky's childhood in Odesa, Ukraine, was where he developed his passion for color and art. He honed his skills at Odesa Art School before enrolling at the University of Moscow to study law and economics. After attending art exhibitions in Moscow and Paris, Kandinsky put everything aside and pursued art full-time.


The European art scene was undergoing a notable change in the early 1900s, and Kandinsky was at the forefront of it. With his artistic vision and style, he co-founded the group "Der Blaue Reiter" (The Blue Rider) in 1911, which included other expressionist artists, and presented an exhibition that profoundly impacted the art world. His works blended abstract forms, symbols, and colors, which broke away from the traditional art of the time.


Kandinsky's works were an expression of his artistic style and his view of the world. He believed that art should evoke emotions and stir the soul. In his book "Concerning the Spiritual in Art," Kandinsky expressed his belief that art was more than mere representation; it had the power to connect people with the spiritual world. He viewed color as a unique language that could convey emotions and ideas in a way that words could not.



Kandinsky's abstract art was not without opposition; critics were divided on his works, dismissing them as "mere childishness" or "incomprehensible." Kandinsky was unbothered by the opinions of others and persisted with his art, which continued to evolve and move away from his earlier works' representational elements.  He experimented with oil, watercolor, and gouache painting techniques, and his later works were highly sought after, and his reputation as an abstract artist was firmly established.


Wassily Kandinsky was a visionary artist whose works were imbued with significant meaning. They embodied his passion for color and form and his belief in art's spiritual power. Kandinsky's influence on modern art is immense, and his legacy lives on through his works and their impact on inspiring future generations of artists. To explore his art is a feast for the eyes and soul, a world beyond the visual that connects to the spiritual realm.



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